Cloudflare Introduces New VPN Service

Cloudflare Introduces New VPN Service

Cloudflare Introduces New VPN ServiceVirtual Private-Networks (VPNs) have a lot of traction for their ease of facilitation, both among businesses and consumers. A VPN provides an uncompromising security to businesses and consumers around the world in terms of securing their data and connection. However, there is a flip side to all these services provided by VPN and that is the fact that it slows down your connection. That is for the simple reason that when using VPN, the traffic from your device has to go through another server before accessing the web.  Here is how a VPN works.

Cloudflare Introduces New VPN Service

However, Cloudflare introduces a new VPN service. Through this new service, the company has a found a way to deal with the downside of generic VPN by putting in place Google’s QUIC protocol into its new mobile-only VPN, Warp. It makes the connection run faster andenables your battery to work for long period of time while still keeping the privacy of the connection intact.

The best part about Cloudflare VPN is that it’s easy to use and adaptive to harsh conditions. That is to say, it works properly in conditions where there is constant changing between Wi-Fi networks, switching between Wi-Fi and LTE as well as captive portals which are commonly seen in public areas with free Wi-Fis.

VPNs for Mobile

With respect to VPNs which generally tend to slow down internet connection, Cloudflare VPN for mobile, Warp, has been doing phenomenally well vis-à-vis speed. Its performance is much better than other VPNs and the reason is Warp is built around a UDP-based protocol that is optimized for the mobile Internet. Also, Cloudflare VPN has an influence over massive global network that allows Warp to get connected with internet users across the globe within milliseconds.

Protecting Privacy

The other unique feature of Cloudfare VPN is with regards to customers’ privacy. Though Warp can be accessed through a free service via app yet the company claims that it does not breach customer’s trust by capturing any user-identifiable data or selling browsing history. The company has publicly announced that audits will be performed by third parties to make sure that the privacy of the paying customers, which are usually companies, is not breached.

Relying on the scale, reach and flexibility of its networks which are constituted by its paying customers, Warp provides this free service to its users. Cloudflare has also a plan to introduce a premium version known as Warp+ which will be available in the future with a condition of low monthly payment. It will facilitate all its paying customers with more fast speed of internet connection.

Cloudflare VPN is recommended for all those who want to have fast internet connection with an uncompromising security. All those interested in trying Cloudflare VPN should download the latest version of the app which is available in the App Store and Google Play.

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